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Giorgia De Zen

Interpreter and translator 

Italian, English, spanish and dutch

Giorgia De Zen smiles and writes on a notebook with a red pen; she's wearing a blue jacket and sits at the desk surrounded by her laptop, few plants, a salt lamp, headphones and a mug of coffee.

About me

Giorgia De Zen's logo: two balloons cross each other, one has a blue contour and the other a beige contour; they are empty inside.

I’m Giorgia De Zen, a professional interpreter and translator.

I work with Italian, English, Spanish and Dutch. 

I come from a village near Vicenza, Italy, where I attended a secondary school specialised in languages. Thanks to the AFS cultural exchange programme, I went to Oulu, Finland, in 2009 and lived there for six months. There, I attended the local school and learned customs and traditions of that amazing country.
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Then I attended the University of Trieste where I graduated in Applied Interlinguistic Communication in 2015 with English, German and Spanish, followed by Conference Interpreting and Specialised Translation in 2018 with Italian, English and Dutch.


During my master degree, I won a scholarship for a crash course organised by the Nederlandse TaalUnie (the Dutch Language Union) in “Media, politics and diplomacy”, held at the Ghent University in August 2016.

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The following year, I took part in the Erasmus + programme and spent six months in Antwerp, Belgium, to understand better the Flemish language and culture. In Belgium, I also carried out research for my master thesis on healthcare interpreting titled “Intercultural mediation in Flanders: interviews at the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg”.

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In 2017, I participated in the project Refugee Law Clinic Trieste organised by the University of Trieste that enabled me to study in depth the right of asylum and the European and Italian refugee policies, for a total of 45 hours. I also joined a seminar that took place in Brussels on January 22, 2018 “Migration - A Challenge for Europe in the 21st Century”.
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After graduating, I collaborated with illycaffè from February till May 2018 and worked as a corporate guide at the plant. I gave tours in English and Italian for either tourists or clients and showed them the different areas of the factory, from the production plant to the University of Coffee.
June 2018 marked the beginning of my career as B2B Customer Service Specialist for Oakley Sport International, the only cross-country brand of Luxottica at the time. I was in charge of the Dutch speaking area – the Netherlands and Flanders – and backed up Northern Europe and Spain.
Logo of Luxottica written in blue on a white background.
In 2019, after working in a company for about one year, I decided to undertake the freelance career and I’ve been falling in love with my job ever since.  In addition to working as an interpreter and translator, I also teach English and Italian for the International Language Institute of Vicenza - inlingua.
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Since 2020 I've been working also as medical interpreter and translator for MediClinic on a regular basis, a private medical facility that has received American patients sent by the NATO post in Vicenza for many years now. Thanks to this experience, I developed a solid knowledge in the field of medical translation, both regarding written translation - I've translated thousands of reports from Italian into English, but also discharge letters, laboratoy analyses, informed consents - and as for medical interpreting in the outpatient rooms.
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Giorgia De Zen's logo: two balloons cross each other, one has a blue contour and the other a beige contour; they are empty inside.
In my free time, I love cooking, reading, watching tv series and films, travelling and walking with my dog.
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