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Giorgia De Zen

Interpreter and translator 

Italian, English, spanish and dutch

My services


Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.


Günter Grass

Does it ever happen to be misunderstood or not understanding fully the person speaking before you?

It may happen also to people speaking the same language, right? 

Imagine having an interlocutor - or a whole audience - that does not speak your language, or understands it poorly and, viceversa, you don't speak Italian. Or you need to make your book or website available also in Italy.


Don't worry! I am a trained interpreter and translator and I am able to help you overcome these languge barriers.
Contact me for more information.



Conference interpreting

Dialogue interpreting or liaison

In principle, it comes down to three people, namely speaker of language A, speaker of language B and interpreter. Settings may vary a lot: from hospitals to public offices, but also tradeshows or police stations!

Requested especially for international conferences (surprise!), conventions and seminars with a wide audience. This kind of tasks usually lasts one or more days, but it can also last only hald a day.




Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading are useful and necessary both for original texts than for translated ones. If on one hand, editing allows me to verify style and fluency depending on the target reader, proofreading enables checking grammar, orthography, typos and other mistakes.

I translate (medical, legal...) documents, certificates, consents, but also websites, CVs, flyers and much more.

I also offer the proof-reading service for texts that are already written in the target language but still need to be checked by a mothertongue before being published.



English and Italian classes

Tutoring and study support

I help students in secondary school and university to overcomoe obstacles with Italian, passing difficult exams and in general loosing knots that prevent them from loving this beautiful language.

I teach English and Itailan classes for private students and in collaboration with InLingua - Vicenza.

In December 2021 I obtained the PLIDA A2 certificate as examiner for the Italian language.

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