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“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.”

Günter Grass

Why could you need my help?

Does it ever happen that you are misunderstood or that you don’t understand your interlocutor fully? It can happen to people who speak the same language, can’t it?


Now, imagine you’re talking to someone – or to an entire audience – that doesn’t speak your language, or understands it a little, and vice versa you don’t speak theirs. Imagine that you’d like to read a book or need a handbook only available in a foreign language, or that you need your website to be internationally accessible.


Don’t you worry! I’ve studied just to help you overcome the language barrier you may find on your work and everyday life.


Remember that for every interpreting project, preparation on the topic and terminology of the event is pivotal to deliver a high-quality service, which is why contacting me well in advance is highly recommended.

Let's shed some light... 

The roles of the interpreter and translator may often lead to confusion. The most straightforward explanation could be that the former talks and the latter writes, but things are actually a little more complicated than that.

A more detailed list of my services can be found here below:




Conference interpreting

Especially requested for conferences (surprise!), international conventions and seminars with a large audience. Conference interpreting tasks are usually one-day long, but they can also last more days or just half a day.

Here are more details about the three modes:





As you can guess by the name, I will translate simultaneously with the speaker's speech. What do I need?



I will be close to the speaker and translate after her/him. During the speech, I will take notes of the key points in my notepad to be able to remember everything. I will then interpret as the speaker goes on. What do I need?


It is none other than whispered interpretation into the guest's ear. When the audience and the majority of the speakers share a common language, but there is one guest who does not, I will be next to her/him and simultaneously whisper into their ears what is being said. I will then translate her/his speech in consecutive mode.

  • A soundproof booth: it can be fixed or set-up for the occasion
  • A colleague in the booth
  • Audio system with headset and microphone
  • A good vision line of the speakers and their potential powerpoint presentation
  • A colleague for tasks longer than 2 hours

Language combo: English, Dutch > Italian and Italian > English.


It refers to all settings that do not involve big international conferences or meetings. It ideally narrows down to three people: interlocutor of language A, interlocutor of language B and interpreter. There might be others too, but the number of participants is usually low for the very "intimate" nature of this type.

The dialogue interpreter is more often than not called intercultural mediator, but "if translation is the transposition of the message from one language/culture to the other, then interpreters must necessarily be interlinguistic and intercultural mediators".


Here are a few examples:





It refers to all other fields, from public services to legal (or court) interpreting, from military to television interpreting.

It regards any kind of interpreting that involves a doctor, a patient and an interpreter. It can take place in a public hospital as well as in private clinics. I'll be by your side from the beginning till the end of the visit, helping you translating not only what the doctor says, but also all the relevant documents.

It is also known as liason or business interpreting, because it is used in business settings like fairs and companies. I will be with you during the whole time, helping you receiving clients and translating when necessary.

Language combo: English, Spanish > Italian and Italian > English, Spanish.


As mentioned before, this service refers to any written translation. It could be about a novel, but it will more often regard documents, a web site, a handbook, a touristic guide, etc...


Other than actual translation, I offer editing (to ensure a fluid translation as it would be if written by a native speaker) and proofreading services (to point out any grammatical, spelling or synctactic mistakes).


Have a look at the FAQ section via the link below for more details!


Language combo: English, Spanish, Dutch > Italian.



Since October 2019, I have been regularly teaching English and Italian in collaboration with the international school inlingua. I apply the inlingua method, a direct approach based on communication and conversation. My students vary in age, from four-year-old children, to teenagers and university students, and adults.


Upon request, I also give private classes, please write me for more details.


Should you have more doubts or questions, you can go to the Frequently Asked Questions page

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