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Giorgia De Zen

Interpreter and translator 

Italian, English, spanish and dutch



I translate from English, Spanish and Dutch into Italian and from Italian into English. I am specialized in the health-care domain.

I have worked as a freelance translator since 2019 and I am specialized in the medical-healthcare field, I translated thousands of medical reports into English, as well as documents and informed consents. 


Furthermore I translated web sites (for the jewelry, healthcare, touristic and artistic domains), prefaces, documents of various types.


Although each translation project is unique, there are some commonalities to consider in order to assess feasability, timing and costs.


First of all, the language combination. I translate into Italian having English, Dutch or Spanish as a source language; I also translate from Italian into English having an excellent knowledge of the target language (C2 level). However, it would always be best to translate towards one's own mother tongue, which is why submitting the translation to proofreading by a mother tongue would be recommended.


Establishing the deadline of the project is then necessary: when does the client need the translation for? Particularly urgent projects will be charged  50% more, always considering actual feasibility.


As for the cost, it is calculated depending on the number of words or, if it is not possible, an approximate estimate is done (e.g. with scanned texts). Technical level and timing also have an impact, therefore providing a one-size-fits-all price is not possible and every projest will be accurately evaluated, case by case. 


Once I accept the project and its conditions, for each project I make sure I address a few things with my clients to carry out the task as best I can:

  • I ask if there are already existing guide lines so I can implement them for text consistency;
  • I ask if there are some positive or negative preferences regarding certain terms;
  • I need to understand the kind of audience - if any - which will be reading that translation. Thereby, I'll be able to adapt the text style to make it either more colloquial or formal, and most importantly adjust it to the goal (translating a bank web site is different than translating that for an Italian farm house).

Each project is unique and full of details that make it special, so after these preliminary phases, the actual translation can start.


Here you may see some of the projects I undertook.


Do you need more information or an estimate? Send me a message.

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