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Giorgia De Zen

Interpreter and translator 

Italian, English, spanish and dutch

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The most ancient and widespread interpretation type in the world.


Conversely to what happens for conference interpreting, defining this service is rather complicated, especially because there is not uniformity of thought. Various names like liaison, ad hoc interpreting, community interpreting, intercultrual mediator, public service interpreting, etc. are nothing but facets of the same prism. Dialogue interpreting is a recognized term outside and inside the academic world, meant as an umbrella term embracing all the abovementioned definitions.









In principle, dialogue interpreting comes down to three people: speaker of language A, speaker of language B and interpreter. There can be also more participants, however the number is usually low because of its very nature, more "intimate", which is why it works so well in all those environments that do not host big conferences or international seminars.

Business interpreting

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It is used in settings where negotiations take place, aimed at trade, commerce and exchange of information between a buyer and a seller, e.g. trade shows, business meetings. 

During these encounters, I'll be at the side of my client during the whole event, helping with welcoming the customers and translating everything necessary from language A to language B and viceversa.

Medical interpreting

​Also called liaison or healthcare interpreting, it describes any encounter involving a doctor, a patient and an interpreter, which means it can take place both in hospitals and private facilities.


My presence may be necessary both during consultations between doctor and patient, and during examinations like a colonoscopy or a cardiac ultrasound.


During the consults, I'll sit between doctor and patient, to convey both messages better and making sure that everything is clear despite the possible difficult terms typical of medical jargon. I'll ensure also there are no doubts regarding consents or information sheets which may be necessary to proceed with the care pathway.

Stethoscope and a blue pen on a notebook.

And much more

Considering that potentially any domain in our life can have people speaking different languages than our own, dialogue interpreting too can be applied to any domain. For example, public services, law courts, social services, police stations, literature festivals, even television, just to mention a few.

My job does not change: I would always have to convey the speakers' message in a complete and reliable way, enhancing communication so that both parties can deliver their message.

In addition to the setting and number of participants mentioned at the top of the page, dialogue interpreting sees much shorter turn-taking, 1-2 minutes maximum, and a more rapid conversation flow - very much like a normal dialogue. As for consecutive interpreting, the only tools I will need are a notebook and a pen, other than an excellent background knowledge of the topic and the reasons underlying the encounter.

I work with Italian, English and Spanish and I often dealt with cross-interpreting with ENG-SPA.

If interested, here you may see some of the assignments I undertook.

Do you need more info or an estimate? You can send me a message. 

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